Where can I find a 92115 Dentist?

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If you’re in need of the specialized care of an experienced emergency 92115 dentist, look no further than the office of Maricela Murillo DDS. For over 20 years, Dr. Murillo has been providing the highest quality care to patients throughout the greater San Diego metropolitan area, and welcomes the opportunity to provide you with the gentle, precise and effective treatment you deserve. From the treatment of dental injuries, infections and toothaches, to the repair and replacement of dental prosthetics with the foremost esthetic and functional design, our dentist is equipped to address your comprehensive urgent oral care needs.

If you’re experiencing dental pain, our staff will prioritize your call and schedule you in for treatment as promptly as possible. Once at our office, your 92115 dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination, utilizing the foremost diagnostic modalities to determine the precise underlying cause of your oral pain. For chronic dental pain following an injury, Dr. Murillo will want to check on the health of the innermost tissue of any affected teeth. Dental trauma can result in irreversible harm to the vial tissues deep inside. If this has occurred, our dentist will perform a gentle and precise root canal therapy to save your tooth so that you can maintain it for many years to come. Root canal therapy is among the most commonly performed dental procedures, responsible for saving tens of millions of teeth across the nation each and every year. Following your treatment, a direct filling or custom dental crown will be recommended to reestablish the look and function of involved tooth. Making use of only the highest dental grade restorative materials, our dentist can produce exquisite results for your smile.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or have damaged a restorative filling, crown, bridge or denture, you can count on our 92115 dentist to provide you with the exceptional quality care you deserve. To schedule your next visit, give a call to the office of Maricela Murillo DDS today.

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